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How to return/exchange the product?

You can create a Return in three simple steps

  • Tap on MyOrders
  • Choose the item to be Returned
  • Enter details requested and create a return request
What are your Return policies?

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What is the serving size of Rice noodles?

Our noodles come in portion controlled nests making preparation easy and convenient.

What type of Black beans we use in Pasta?

There are mainly two types of black beans: one used in Asian Cuisine and one used in Latin American Cuisine. The black beans which we use in our products, Black Bean Spaghetti and Black Bean & Sesame Fettuccine, are part of the Glycine max (soybean) legume family native to East Asia and are known for their high protein, high fiber, low carbohydrate nutritional qualities . The common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) especially popular in Latin American cuisine, is called the black turtle bean. The black turtle bean has a dense, meaty texture, which makes it popular in vegetarian dishes, such as frijoles negros and the Mexican-American black bean burrito. Black Turtle bean has half the protein and double the carbohydrate of Black Soya bean and is not commonly used to make noodles or pasta.